Proyser Calderería

Leaders in the design and manufacture of pressure and atmospheric equipment, structural elements and machinery for the industry.

More than 25 years of experience.


Customer satisfaction

Our goals: quick reaction, quality and meeting deadlines.

Optimal design

We seek perfection and excellence in each of our designs.

Efficient traceability

We follow all the procedures that allow us to follow the evolution of a product in each of its stages.

Design and manufacture of pressure equipment

We are a Spanish company established in Madrid with more than 25 years of experience.

Our main objective is the complete customer satisfaction, based on quality, reliability and a constant personalized attention.

“Success is not only achieved by special qualities, it is also work of perseverance, method and organization”

Jean Pierre Sergent

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All of actions of PROYSER, will be carried out in strict observance of the laws and legal provisions that affect us. The team of PROYSER, has the firm commitment not to accept or promote practices contrary to the law, including the confidentiality of personal and customer data.

Freedom of practice

- PROYSER, team carries out its professional practice without any interference or threats to his freedom and independence, always ensuring that said practice is not contrary to legality or morals.


Members of PROYSER, They must establish a relationship with suppliers, clients and collaborating companies based on competence, effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

Protection of public order

En PROYSER, We are committed to monitoring the use of the Internet, as well as the rest of the technologies and communication tools that we use, so that offensive messages against the dignity of people are not issued, or that incite the use of discrimination, violence or participation in criminal activities.

Protection of human dignity and equality

This protection implies that each individual protects life, including his own, as well as observing the fundamental rights of people. At PROYSER, no type of discrimination is and will not be tolerated and it is always about maintaining the spirit of equality between women and men. To monitor the effectiveness of this protection there is a specific procedure.

Protection of minors

PROYSER, does not hire minors on its staff. If this hiring had to take place, it wouldl be limited to cases under law, and always respecting their particular situation when establishing security and organization measures.

Use of resources

In order to minimize costs and environmental impact, our staff will always seek the best use of the company's resources.

Protection of privacy

This level of protection implies respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the private life of people and their personal data.

Protection of people

All means within the reach of PROYSER, will be used to make effective the protection of people promoting the safety and health of all the personnel who work in PROYSER,, whether their own or others.

Reconciliation of family, personal and work life

In its decision-making and organization, measures which facilitate the reconciliation of people's family, personal and work life will be studied and promoted.

With over 25 years of experience

We are a benchmark, both nationally and internationally, in the sector of boilermaking and pressure equipment.


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Proyser Calderería

Our main objective is the complete customer satisfaction, based on quality, reliability and a constant personalized attention.

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