At Proyser we work only with top quality materials.

Our equipment is manufactured and certified in accordance with the European directive 2014/68 / EU, ASME-U, R & NB Seal.

Means of design

  • Codes and standards: ASME (II-A, II-B, II-C, II-D, V, VIII-DIV.1, IX), ASTM, ANSI, TEMA, API-650, API-660, among others.
  • Mechanical design of equipment with PV ‐ ELITE, calculation of finite element connections with NOZZLE PRO.
  • Thermal design of heat exchangers with HTRI & ASPEN.
  • Realization of specifications of material purchase in accordance with ASME Code and customer specifications.
  • Delineation of manufacturing drawing in CAD format.
  • Homologation of welding procedures and welders in accordance with ASME IX.
  • Welding procedures GTAW, SMAW, GMAW & SAW.
  • Calculation programs developed by our own technical office in accordance with applicable codes.

Control, inspection, trials and tests


Works carried out by our own staff.

  • Pneumatic tests.
  • Hydraulic tests.
  • Thickness / dimensional checking and visual controls.
  • Transfer of brands.
  • Verification of material certificates.
  • Preparation of the technical and design manufacturing manual.

Other trials and tests


They are outsourced to accredited inspection companies.

  • Non-destructive tests: penetrating liquids, magnetic particles, radiography, ultrasound, hardness measurement, chemical analysis, ferrite, visual inspections, etc ...
  • Destructive tests: carried out by laboratories accredited by ENAC.


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