Our human team is our main asset, a firm commitment to the company and the clients.

Our principles

Proyser Calderería S.A., with the firm commitment to promote continuous improvement, both, human and technical level, has based its culture on four essential principles, strongly rooted among the staff of our company. See organization chart.
This is and will be our frame of reference in order to establish our objectives as a company. The work of the entire team is to achieve the effectiveness of our management which makes a constant improvement of the company, always seeking to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Promotion of health at work and care of the work environment

We are convinced that a healthy environment is a fundamental factor that translates into greater competitiveness and productivity.

Strict compliance with legal provisions

Regarding PRL, quality management, reconciliation of personal, work and family life, as well as the rest of the current regulations.

Promote the training and improvement of workers

We use tools such as training, the improvement of work facilities and equipment, and professional promotion.

Maintenance and improvement of the quality of customer services

Through jobs and talent retention, the improvement of our processes and the proper scheduling of jobs.

Concession of a subsidy as an impetus for the stable hiring of young people for economic recovery

The General Directorate of the Public Employment Service of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Community of Madrid has granted €4.500,00 to PROYSER CALDERERÍA, SA as a Boost for the Stable Hiring of Young People for Economic Recovery, within the program financed as part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union.

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